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Cameras, precision positioning and Artificial Intelligence provide actual production values so you can optimise your farm.

Ven a conocernos en Fruit Attraction 2018

Durante los días 23,24 y 25 de Octubre 2018 estrenamos AGERPIX en Fruit Attraction (Feria Internacional del Sector de Frutas y Hortalizad) en IFEMA, Madrid. Vente y hablamos, estamos en el pabellón 7, stand 7B10G en la sección de Smart Agro.
¿ qué es Agerpix?

Agerpix permite conocer la cantidad de fruta real de tu plantación.

Es un sistema desarrollado íntegramente por Codesian que permite al gestor de las plantaciones obtener datos fundamentales para una mejor toma de decisiones.

Las cámaras toman imágenes a intervalos regulares ayudadas por el GPS y un pequeño ordenador las procesa mediante algoritmos de inteligencia artificial para separar hojas de los frutos.

Las producciones se vinculan geográficamente por lo tanto se consigue distribuir la producción y obtener áreas de alta, media y baja producción.

Todos estos datos son accesibles desde cualquier sitio de manera privada y segura mediante el portal de gestión.

Agerpix in action

Agerpix's results and advantages

With Agerpix, crop estimation is 90-95% accurate, giving you actual production rates. This helps you gauge the market, make better decisions and optimise hundreds of resources that you need to run your farm. Fewer costs, better profitability, fewer risks.

Gauge the market

The system offers precise production data two months before harvest, which leaves you room to improve your sales strategy.

Better farm management

Production is needed to optimise tasks such as thinning and fertilisation during crop growth stages.

Optimised HR

Understanding production means you can estimate HR needs for treatment application and harvesting.

Controlled logistics

Optimise shipping estimations, cold store management, warehouse stock dispatch.

Material resources

You could optimise machinery, picking containers, thinning treatments and a hundred more items when you understand your farm and its performance better.

Farm evolution

With years' worth of records, you can see how your production evolves and have a much deeper understanding of your farm.

Some details

Nighttime operations

The system has high-output, low-energy LED lighting so it can operate at night and not interfere with other crop tasks.

Centimetre accurate

Our precise GPS provide geo-referenced data, separating plots of land in accordance with production.

Private and safe data

Records, analysis and all other data are safely and privately stored in the cloud and you can access your data whenever you want.

Constantly innovating

New algorithms that offer you more information than crop counting are constantly being developed and tested.

Cost optimisation

  • HR optimisation

  • Logistics

  • 11%

    Farm management

  • 13%

    Crop estimation

Departments that most benefit from Agerpix

  • Sales

  • HR

  • 10%


  • 30%

    Farm management

Some frequent questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions that our clients ask us about Agerpix. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

We provide a very simple service: you tell us the date you want us to collect your data and we go to your farm with our vehicle. Within a couple of days, you can access all your data from your user area.

You'll obtain real data for all of your farm's production. You need to remember that it's impossible to see all the fruit with a camera because some can be hidden behind the leaves. This final production rate is reached on the basis that visible fruit is proportional to those that can't be seen. This means that through data analysis, errors are reduced to a minimum and final precision is around 90-95%.

The system was developed for several apple varieties (Envy, Fuji, Golden, etc.). However, it has been tested on other fruit trees (pear, peach, grape vines, orange, pomegranate, etc.) and is just as accurate. Refining the algorithms and camera positioning is useful to obtain any fruit production data.

No, like any product or service, the price works out to be lower than the savings you make with the information obtained. Optimising resources and costs for crops, harvesting, storage and logistics makes this product essential as it improves your farm's performance.

Codesian is constantly researching new formulas to increase production quantity and quality.