Internet of fruits

Automatically size fruit on the tree and cut labour costs

Do you send workers into the field every day to size the fruit on your trees?

Aside from the extraordinary expense that implies, manual measurements are not very accurate.

That’s why we have developed Dendrofruit, an automatic sizing system that measures fruit on the tree in real time. It lets producers access fruit-growth data anywhere, rapidly, and with a high level of reliability, saving them the full cost of daily labour.

Daily monitoring, historical data, data in context, and...
much more!

Dendrofruit offers the following advantages:

Accurate information, monitoring, and daily access to fruit-growth data. For example, the average growth or the exact development of each fruit. That way, you’ll make not only better decisions, but also fast corrections when necessary. You can optimise irrigation or the use of fertilisers to improve the quality of your fruit.

You’ll have data in its context : you’ll see the growth curve, historical data with millimetric precision, and even sizes by date, and you’ll make statistical size estimates to predict the future.

You’ll see detailed monitoring by species, variety, plot, etc.

You’ll cut costs anduse your labour for more important tasks.

The data collection will be automated, so you won’t have to enter it manually.

You’ll be able to check your information anytime, anywhere, online or on the app.

You canexport your data, receive it in whatever format you need, and print it.

Its special design tracks fruit growth to provide accurate information


You’ll automate, simplify, and optimise your sizing data.


Advantages of using hardware and software technology


Save money due to the low installation cost.

Accurate data

Special design that hugs the piece of fruit, tracking its growth without causing deformation and providing accurate data at all times.


The data transmission antenna with a range of 50 ha collects long-distance data over extended periods of time.


Rechargeable and reusable sensors that let you save on the cost of parts. Contains a wireless sensor with rechargeable batteries and sensors that can be reused for different seasons and varieties.

You can use the Dendrofruit system for apples, citrus fruit, and stone fruit.



Citrus fruit




Check data on a daily basis, anytime

Our work process starts in the field. A wireless sensor that adapts to the contours of the fruit sends the data to a receiving antenna installed in the work area. This antenna then transmits the information to our servers, where it is processed and made available to the producer. You can check the data on a daily basis and anytime you want.

Pioneers in the automatic measuring of fruit in the field

Dendrofruit is an innovative service created to help agricultural companies to save on labour costs and get accurate fruit-sizing data.


Frequently asked questions

On the contrary, this service will let you save money on labour in the field. With the electronic sizing system for fruit on the tree, you’ll no longer have to send people to measure it every day. And you won’t have to enter manual data either. Everything will be done automatically, and you can assign your labour to more important tasks. Also, daily data collection will let you make faster decisions and instant corrections. Without a doubt, this will lead to major savings for your company.

Once you decide to use Dendrofruit, we’ll go into the field and install the sensors, which will collect data on a daily basis. You can access it easily, on your phone or computer. 

You can use the Dendrofruit system for apples, citrus fruit, and stone fruit.

Everything is very intuitive and easy to use. We provide daily information, growth charts, and even images of your plot. Also, after we install Dendrofruit, we’ll explain how to access your data and make the best use of it.

Yes, the information will always be available in a secure, private way on any computer with an internet connection.

Want to track the growth of your fruit on the tree automatically?

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