Reinventing the field with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

We are pioneers in the creation of technology for the fruit sector. And we are constantly evolving and designing new products.

Our solutions are born of the synergy between three sources: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, used in precision agriculture to design solutions that reinvent the field, helping you cut costs and boost performance.




More efficiency in the field,
less impact on the environment

We create Artificial Intelligence for agriculture capable of working with greater precision than human beings. But that’s not all: we use Big Data in the agricultural sector to collect accurate data in the field and then analyse it. That way, we help agricultural companies to make better decisions.

And as we collect all this information, Machine Learning comes into play. We continue adjusting all the operations, optimising processes, and learning from the experience.

And that’s how Agerpix’s solutions work. With each innovation we develop, our goal is to achieve the highest efficiency in the field and reduce the impact on the environment.

Cut costs and boost profits by applying precision agriculture

We work with orchards that grow pome fruit, stone fruit, and citrus fruit, and with vineyards that cultivate table grapes.

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